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Florida Amendments 2 & #

Posted by LEGACY REALTY Team on Oct 23, 2018 in News

From my view:

Amendment 3   Voter Control of Gambling in Florida

My first reaction to this Amendment is WHY do we need a Constitutional Amendment for Gambling in Florida.  It has always been controlled by the Florida Legislature.  We voted in our Representatives to handle the business of the State and are supposed to be doing what is best for us.  While they have not always lived up to the standards, do we trust the simple majority of voters in the State to make these decisions.

A YES vote put any new Casino Gambling in Florida in the hands of the Florida voters to approve.  However, the State Legislature will still control other gambling such as poker rooms, bingo, lotteries and fantasy sports.  They will continue to oversee, regulate and tax any gambling approved by the voters   The State will continue to handle all Native American Tribe gambling. 

A NO vote will continue to allow casino gambling either through new laws passed by the Legislature or by any new Constitution Amendments. 


Amendment 4   Restoration of Voting Rights

This one is pretty simple, it grants ex-felons the right to vote after they have served their sentences and paid all fines.  It excludes felons convicted of murder or sex crimes. Currently ex- felons must apply for voting privileges to be restored by the State.

A YES vote will grant this voting privilege once they have served their sentences

A NO vote will keep the current policy the same.  They must seek the approval of the Governor and Cabinet.


As always knowledge is POWER, educate yourself and vote according to your conscience but VOTE