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Florida Amendment 7

Posted by LEGACY REALTY Team on Oct 23, 2018 in News

My view on..

Amendment 7    First Responder and Military Member Survivor Benefits,

                           Public Colleges and Universities

Here again this is a “bundled” amendment….two items on the amendment that actually have nothing to do with each other…..Paying death benefits to First Responders and Regulating State Colleges.  While taking care of our First Responders and Military sounds wonderful there in NO provision for how all of this will be paid.for.

A YES vote will

  1. Will force University and College Board of Director to have a Majority Vote (2/3) in order to increase or impose new tuition and fees.
  2. Make the governing framework for state colleges a part f the Constitution.
  3. Creates a Constitutional requirement for state and local governments to pau death benefits to Frist Responders.
  4. Expand First Responders to include Paramedics and EMT’s
  5. Requires the State to provide Death benefits to Military member who live or work in Florida.
  6. Create and undetermined financial burden on local and state government with NO specific funding source for those payments.


(Death Benefits are currently provided by State Law, change the laws NOT the Constitution)

A NO vote will:

  1. Allow governing bodies at the University to increase tuition and fees with a simple majority vote.
  2. Keep the State College governing framework out of the Constitution and keep it under the State Law.
  3. Continue providing death benefit to First Responders, excluding Paramedics and EMT’s under the State Law. (change the law to include Paramedics and EMTs”)
  4. Continue to Pay Death Benefits for National Guard member who have died in the line of duty by State Law.


As always knowledge is POWER, educate yourself and vote according to your conscience but VOTE