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Florida Amendment 11

Posted by LEGACY REALTY Team on Oct 23, 2018 in News

My view on...

Amendment 11 – Property Rights, Removal of Obsolete Provision, Criminal Statues

To me this amendment is unclear, it appears to be cleaning out old constitutional provisions, which goes to show we should be more careful in adding amendments that should be handled by State Laws.  This one is removing old provision regulating property purchases by Non-Citizens and removing the High Speed Rail provision which was repealed by voters in 2004.  Then It throws in a provision that removes the stipulation that criminals can be prosecuted under a law that they are accused of even if the law is changed…..(HUH)

A YES vote will

  • Repeal old provision allowing Legislature to restrict property rights to non-citizens
  • Delete the old section of the Constitution regarding the High Speed Rail
  • Allow prosecution of suspects under the law at the time of the offence, even if the law has been changed since the offense.

A NO vote will

  1. Allow the Legislature to pass laws restricting the property rights of no-citizens
  2. Retain the provision in the Constitution for the High Speed Rails even though it has already been repealed.
  3. Continues to mandate that criminal suspects prosecuted under the law they are accused of breaking even if the state changes that law.



As always knowledge is POWER, educate yourself and vote according to your conscience but VOTE