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Florida Amendment 10

Posted by LEGACY REALTY Team on Oct 23, 2018 in News

My view on..

Amendment 10 – State and Local Government Structure and Operation

Again, we have an Amendment that has good and bad elements.  In voting for this amendment, you will have to decide what is important to you and do you make changes that will affect the rights of others.

This amendment FORCES all Florida counties to ELECT a Sheriff, Tax Collector, Property Appraiser, Supervisor of Elections and Clerk of Circuit Court.  Some 20 of the “charter counties” in Florida, appoint or hire these positions as needed,  Do we need a constitutional amendment that removes their rights to govern as they choose. 

However this amendment also includes the creation of an Office of Domestic Security and counter terrorism within the FDLE and forces the State to have a Department of Veterans Affairs in the Constitution, this already exists by State Laws.

A YES vote will

  1. Fix the start date for state legislature sessions in even number years as the second Tuesday in January .
  2. Create the office of Domestic Security and Counterterrorism within FDLE
  3. Put in the Constitution the Department of Veteran Affairs (already exists by law)
  4. Force ALL Florida counties to hold elections for the five local constitutional offices in the State.

A NO vote will

  1. Allow the Legislature to set a start date in even numbers years.
  2. Reject a constitutionally mandated Office of Security and Counterterrorism under the FDLE
  3. Reject a constitutionally mandated Department of Veterans Affairs allowing the Florida Legislature to handle this department, which already exists.
  4. Allow ALL Florida counties to govern their counties as they determine.


As always knowledge is POWER, educate yourself and vote according to your conscience but VOTE